Tuite Jutsu is a grappling art that is found within classical Ryukyuan karate. Aside from just punches, kicks and occasional throws which are found in most modern karate styles, Tuite Jutsu is an advanced form of grappling, joint manipulation, hyper extensions and breaks that are hidden within the movements and principles of kata. "The literal meaning of "Tuite" ( in Okinawan pronunciation is to grab the opponents hands before executing protection techniques." - Ryu Te no Michi: The Way of RyuKyu Hands; p.4-61

Tuite Jutsu can only come through the understanding of complete body mechanics, human anatomy, natural laws and timing. When these principles and concepts are understood, it opens up an infinite amount of techniques and escapes. Rather than trying to memorize four or five techniques, students must learn the principles and concepts behind how the human body works. Then any and all technical applications can be executed in any position, whether fighting standing up or on the ground.

"To use Tuite techniques is like putting out a small fire before it spreads to much to handle. Therefore Tuite techniques have to be used as soon as the attacker contacts your body. A delay in reaction will cause a conflict with the attackers strength."- Ryu Te no Michi: The Way of RyuKyu Hands; p.4-61

Tuite Jutsu can only be truly understood through partner training. The concepts and principles must be put into action through hands-on-training with your partner. As students become more and more skilled in the art of Tuite, they then begin advancing to more and more non compliant partner training. Through this level of training the students begin to understand human reaction and body mechanics. Training with a stationary partner is a must for learning the techniques and understanding initial instruction and form. But to make your techniques real and applicable on anyone, the training must take on a more realist approach, thus requiring a truly focused and serious mind.